Science Centre Leonardo da Vinci

The theme of the exhibition is a healthy human body – well-functioning human body, which allows keeping physical and mental fitness. The exhibition is supposed to make visitors aware, how complicated and demanding the human organism is. The exhibition presents a fun a way to understand five functions of the human body: breathing, heart beat, reaction to stimulus’, keeping the vertical body position and nutrition. The exhibition consists of both multimedia and mechatronics.

Patronate of the exhibition belongs to Leonardo da Vinci – creator of the most known drawing on Earth. Visitors can thus get to know the character of the Italian master, and the idea of ​​perfect proportions of the human body at the exhibition devoted to “Vitruvian man”.

Youth and children can carry out scientific experiments learning the secrets of nature. In turn, teachers have the opportunity to use modern and innovative methods of education for children are quite different from those in the school.

Our team was tasked with creation of more than ten mechatronical interactive exhibits.