Læsø Museum Exhibition

History Museum of Læsø island. Læsø Museum has four departments at different sites on Læsø: Museumsgården, which is an old farm that lies just outside Byrum, Hedvigs Hus on Linievejen close to Østerby, Local History Archive in Byrum and the cutter FN162 Ellen, which you can also see in Østerby Havn. Museumsgården appears today as it did when the last owner’s parents furnished their home in around 1860. The timber used in the house is from the ships that ran aground on the coast of Læsø. The most eye-catching aspect of Museumsgården is the huge, very attractive seaweed roof which bears witness to the ability of the island’s inhabitants to utilise the materials that were available to them.

TM Development was the technical contractor providing monitors and all the electronical units of the exhibition. TMD developed four exhibits. One of the most complex ones was an interactive naval game based on Unity game engine on two screens and an interactive captain wheel. Visitors aim is to choose between three historical naval units and guide the ships safely to the ports of real Laeso Island.