Kalevipoeg Museum exhibition

Kalevipoeg Museum exhibition

The Kalevipoeg Museum is a unique place to discover the legend of the Estonian national epic.

The museum, which reopened in 2020 completely renovated, approaches the stories of the giant hero in a new way – visitors can experience them first-hand through interactive technical solutions.

In a playful way, you can relive key parts of the epic, be it the story of the famous royal sword, the events that took place at the gates of hell or the journey to the end of the world. For example, visitors can go on this journey on a huge ship called the Plane.

What might our hero have looked like? Kalevipoeg has served as a great source of inspiration for Estonian artists. Some works depicting the hero can be found on the walls of the museum, but there is too little space to exhibit them all. This is where screens come to the rescue, which extend the exhibition many times over and give everyone the opportunity to discover their own Kalevipoeg.

Of course, the museum displays numerous editions of ‘Kalevipoeg’ books, which over the decades have been published in Estonia and as translations around the world. In addition to the visual experience, you can also listen to the epic in the museum – namely, people from the Kääpa area narrate ‘Kalevipoeg’ and you can enjoy the work as an audiobook with the help of headphones.

The museum offers both puzzling tasks for older visitors and hands-on activities for younger visitors.