Exhibition “There are no bananas. Time travel to Soviet daily life”

This exhibition took a look back at a period that today we feel free to laugh about. Those who lived during those times can remember the absurdities of the era and share stories with their children, while foreigners with no personal nostalgia for the Soviet period get a chance to cast a glance into the everyday lives of people behind the Iron Curtain.

The focus of the exhibition was on the 1970-1980 period in particular. By this time, the Soviet regime had been in place long enough for people to realize shortages were here to stay. Visitors could experience the period by moving down various trajectories that would have been typical for an average family back then.

We contributed to the exhibition with two exhibits:
1) An Interactive game inspired by Soviet Era game console. Game involved a Kinect and the historic game was brought to life in more physical way – instead of pushing buttons, the visitor had to move hands physically in order to catch eggs.
2) A welcome screen with pushbuttons in order to select the language of the videos.