ECSITE 2018 fair

ECSITE 2018 fair

TMD Exhibition participated in ECSITE 2018 fair which is considered as one of the most important Museum and Science Center events in the world. This year, the ECSITE was held in Geneve, Switzerland.

TMD Exhibitions represented itself in a standalone booth with an interactive exhibit involving projection and a touchscreen. 
The main purpose of the exhibit was to give an interesting perspective of how AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning can be adapted in innovative and futuristic ways in the field of Architecture or design generally.

There were silhouettes of buildings with graphics on them. Three of the buildings were missing a facade. It was the job of the visitor to give the program a really basic input where the windows, doors, balconies of other elements of the facade of the buildings should be. The input was inserted on a 24-inch touchscreen a few meters away from the wall.
The input had to be given with different color squares and that was all of the input the program needed to generate a version of the facade. Program used pre-defined and installed library of images of the facades and with the help of an input a new facade was generated. 
The generated facade was projected on a blank silhouette on the wall.

The main message – in the future, we might design buildings or other visual content just with a really basic input so that we would have more time for other activities and machines would do most of the work for us.

This exhibit was a good mixture of technical accuracy (projection), technical planning and solutions (miniPC with two display outputs – projector and touchscreen), programming and innovative ideas which were introduced to the visitor in a fun way and were involving different fields – architecture, design, AI and programming.

Participation of the fair was supported by: